SPOTLIGHT: When Past Memories Come Knocking…

November 22, 2010
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Last night, I was visited by an old friend of sorts. A person who I had not seen in almost a decade. A person who I thought I would never see again.  This surprise visit caught me unawares and most unfortunate was the fact that I had no time to properly welcome this individual, as he showed up in my dreams unannounced…

Some might call him a  phantom. A remnant of a time gone by. Though it had been a number of years since he and I had ended our relationship. He appeared in my dream as if he had been fundamentally unchanged by the years.  It was as if this version of him were journeying through time to support me in my moment of need.

Sometimes when we are visited by strange incidents in our lives, particularly in our dreaming life, there is a piece of communication that is endeavoring to make its way out.  Perhaps  it is an earnest message or emotion that you are secretly harboring within, or it may even be an experience that is at this very moment trying to resolve itself.

Occurrences of this sort can indicate an internal voice that is desperate to have itself heard or felt. For me in this particular instance it was the need for comfort...Currently, my family and I are going through the most challenging time of our adult lives as we support my mother who is battling a chronic ailment that is becoming more and more common in our overly toxic environment. As my brother and sisters adjust our lives to take on the meaningful challenge of helping my mother make the most out of what is left of her amazing  journey, I find that just as much as I use my energies to support others to shine, I find that at times I am in need of the same support…

Now, I have not come across a reputable research study of any kind that posits that dreams may potentially be most vivid when we are amidst times of change, but based on my experiences as a Master Practitioner of NLP, I would bet my money on it.The main reason why I am sharing this teaching today is to direct your awareness to an often overlooked marvel of the universe: The gift that comes in the form of  the visitor unannounced. The significance of which is showcasing the Universes ability to find a way to give us what we require and secretly yearn for.

Pay attention to those moments when things get most difficult in your life, because if you look close enough you will realize that you are being  provided with exactly what you need, exactly when you may need it most.

Trust that you are being looked after by a world that is concerned and committed to your ultimate well-being, even if on the surface it may not look like it.

Be well this week and May your Inner Light BurnBright!



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