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10380565_10152489290515992_9187876882453148014_oBurnBright International specializes in transformational strategy and coaching. What makes the BurnBright method unique is that it provides clients with a specific method of change that is tailored for them ALONE. The secret lies in the combination of techniques that we bring to bear on each unique client challenge.

We help individuals, businesses and communities reach their goals by envisioning, conceiving, and co-creating transformational strategies that are unique as they are. Our tailored methods prepare clients to engage and address opportunities and risks emerging brighter than ever before.


Ozioma, is an internationally recognized speaker, writer and educator. A leader in transformational coaching and strategy, Ozioma works with individuals, businesses, and non-profit organizations to create tailored strategies that support them in achieving their highest form of excellence. Highly sought after, Ozioma’s strategies have been adopted by individuals, Fortune 500 corporations, small business owners, local communities, and a variety of change agents seeking to spark global transformation.

Ozioma has been featured on NBC, FOX, ABC, The Guardian Newspaper, African Independent Television and the Voice of Nigeria, as well as spoken at numerous conferences and events, including the United Nations, the SXSW Interactive festival, Grace E. Harris Women’s Leadership Conference, Social Media Week, ADWEEK and TEDxBrooklyn.

Ozioma has also served as a Vice President in the disciplines of Strategic Planning, Cultural Strategy, Cultural Insight and Innovation for several internationally recognized marketing agencies.

In 2012, Ozioma created the International Day for Dreamers, a personal and global day of innovation that supports the manifestation of dreams, goals and aspirations around the world www.dayfordreamers.com. The global initiative has been celebrated in 33 locations around the world and counting.

Ozioma is the founder and CEO of BurnBright International, LLC. and currently teaches a Masters level course at Columbia University on Developing & Implementing Ideas. She is a highly sought after speaker who lectures, coaches and conducts trainings in the areas of personal and leadership development, as well as brand strategy and innovation. www.burnbright-lifeworks.com

Education: Ozioma is certified as a life coach, Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Trainer of Social Artistry. She also possesses two masters degrees in English studies and in Television, Radio and New Media Studies (programming & management). 


BurnBright is proud to provide services to a diverse client base. Over the past decade, Ozioma of BurnBright has provided services that touched these organizations in some way, either through a strategic consultation, a workshop, an inspirational lecture, or coaching of their employees. To read testimonials click here.



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