We help purpose-driven individuals, companies, and communities ignite brilliance beyond the status quo. Let’s explore how we can help you achieve your next level of transformative growth!

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We specialize in helping clients develop and implement powerful transformational strategies that ignite opportunity, unleash possibility, and activate their highest capacities. How can we help you reach your full potential?


We specialize in a variety of coaching methodologies. We work from the foundational belief that all of our clients come to us as whole human beings bearing their own unique gifts. BurnBright methods help clients strategically evolve so that they can live and achieve their most brilliant forms of success.



We consult on transformational initiatives for a diverse array of clients, including governments, Fortune 100 companies, non-profit organizations, educational institutions, small business owners, growth and early-stage startups seeking breakthrough results.



We design and deliver specialized programs that ignite innovation, and inspire action. With a diverse range of trainings that span the realms of leadership, strategy, empathy & inclusion,  and pitching and presence, we are sure we can support individual and organization’s growth trajectory.


We are living and working during one of the most challenging moments in recent history. During times like these, we have the opportunity to innovate like never before.

It’s EXACTLY during moments like this that great leaders, businesses, and movements are born. In fact, we believe these times invite us rise-up and reimagine what’s possible by developing new pathways forward.

Watch Ozioma introduce audiences to the mindset, strategies, and resources that will enable them to create a more empowered and strategically aligned approach to personal, professional, and organizational development.

This online training will support you in reimagining and reinventing their approach to the future of their own development during a time when there are more questions than answers.

After you watch it, schedule an introductory BurnBright Life or Business session.

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BurnBright remains one of the sharpest, earnest, and most passionate enterprises that I’ve come across and they’ve done their part in transferring some of that to me for which I am all the better. I am grateful for the insight they provided when I needed it most.- Fritz Desir | Digital Innovation Consultant
BurnBright has worked with me to develop my organization in various capacities over the past 5 years. Ozioma’s keen insight into the way the mind works always elevated the ideas that I walked in with, and I never walked out without having enhanced my initial vision. BurnBright has provided a level of professionalism and insight that is unparalleled. I have gained a significant amount of clarity on the direction I wanted my organization to move in. This would not have been possible if it weren’t for BurnBright. I am eternally grateful.- Akua Sudowa - Founder | The Gye Nyame Empowerment Project
After embracing BurnBright methods, not only am I excelling at my job, but I’m being recognized for my work at various levels of my organization. I see it with my own eyes. I am now fully conscious of the principles that are driving my work. Yes, it's great that the accolades are public like the recent award I received, but for me the triumphs are daily. It’s when the head of the department says “you’re a rising star and you have a bright future a head of you.” That’s the prize. Hearing words like that. With your methods I have been able to cross the line and I’m not going to turn back... just move forward with everything that I’ve learned. My eyes are turned forward and my life is moving forward. I’ve crossed the line and I’m not going back.- Kirk Facey | Health Professional
After consulting with BurnBright my eyes were opened to a truth so simple I couldn't believe I hadn't realized it sooner. That consultation changed my life completely. I now choose my thoughts carefully with my desired success in mind. As a result, my actions now have led me closer to the achievement of personal goals than I have ever been. The world is a lot more open than it used to be and I am seizing opportunities that I would have been blind to before. I learned so much in one consultation and am eternally grateful. I look forward to continuing to learn from BurnBright as I continue to shine my own light and enjoy the journey to success.- Netousha | Recording Artist
What an amazing experience I had during my BurnBright Session. Ozioma stated we would need 90 minutes to fully go through the tools I will need to understand to make my dreams come true. We spoke about my barriers, and how to overcome them, by using specific techniques that are easy and manageable. I am extremely pleased to be a part of this journey, especially when dealing with the ups and downs of my industry. This plan has allowed me to finally focus on the ``true`` objectives that I need to take in order to accomplish my goals.- Sekou Carradine | Entrepreneur
We all want career success now!! We want to be wildly capable and acclaimed experts at what we love to do. But what happens when what you love to do changes or the way you define success shifts drastically? In order to navigate this portion on the road of the journey called my career I called on the services of BurnBright Lifeworks. I found that as long as you are willing to do the work, BurnBright can get you unstuck and on your way. I also found that even highly motivated overachievers, like me, can get stalled at times and need help jump-starting their forward progress.- Carla Brown | Designer


We operate across a variety of personal and business development domains. Find out about our latest workshops, keynote speaking engagements, and published articles, and alot more!

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