Part 3: Learning to Rest in the Moment

November 15, 2010
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Modern life has us zig-zaging in so many directions. Oftentimes, we are so caught up in zipping past the individual nuances and particularities of our experiences that life becomes one big monochromatic blur. When we lead our lives in this manner, we tend to focus on the inconsequential small stuff, rarely noticing the nuances that actually matter to ourselves and the people we care about.

It’s very easy to go about experiencing life this way, because there is always another work engagement that we must tend to or familial responsibility that must be fulfilled. By the end of the day, we are so spent that we have no energy left to “just be.” As a result, our closest relationships suffer, or worse yet, we leave ourselves no room to experience the joy of creating new relationships. This is quite unfortunate as, the moments we share with one another are to be counted amongst life’s most valuable treasures. These moments are indeed the legacy, the imprint that marks our time on this planet.

Some might say that this harried reality is indicative of the modern man/modern woman’s life dilemma. However, if we deeply consider the life we’ve created for ourselves, we can admit that it doesn’t have to be this way. We all can and in fact should experience an easier, less stressful way of being. One step towards doing so is learning to engage in a practice we call Resting in the Moment.

To Rest in the moment means to get comfortable with allowing yourself to get acquainted with feeling the fullness of time pass by.  This can be done in a minute, an hour or a full day. There is particular technique called Traffic Control that is quite helpful for doing this. Practiced by the Brahma Kumaris, a world spiritual organization based of India, Traffic Control is an internal exercise that allows the BK’s to rest in the moment.  Every hour on the hour, no matter what they may be currently engaged in, the Brahma Kumari’s pause to experience the fullness of one minute pass by.

The BK’s use this time to reconnect with their Inner Being and their God, the supreme point of light. Whether you are or are not so spiritually inclines, you can use your moment to do the same or just to get clear on who you are, what you want out of life or just the next hour or even the next day in your life.

Resting in the Moment can also be used to just do nothing. Clear out the mind and become the empty vessel. Just the very act of experiencing the full passage of time will energize you and bolster your sense of self so that you can cast off the dark shadow of over-scheduled living and take the necessary step towards allowing your true inner being to emanate the light it so desperately wants to shine.

Whether it be every hour or for one minute every couple of hours or even for the duration of your entire day, over the next week, do your best to Rest in the Moment. Use technology to aid you in this endeavor, Set your cellphone timer to go off at the top of the hour as a reminder. Trust that feeling the fullness of time pass by will expand your consciousness and allow you to catapult your awareness to new heights.

Remember: A life well savored is a life well lived. BurnBright!



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