Part 4: We ask Ourselves Where to Next?

November 29, 2010
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In life, there comes a time when we look at who we have become and all that we’ve been through and ask ourselves where is all this going? We wonder where to next?

Questioning the direction of our lives in a positive constructive manner can make all the difference. This week’s teaching focuses on the energy and power held within anticipatory questioning: the very act of interrogating the future with excitement and with positive intent.

Imagine how often we approach the future with a sense of fear or dread. During those times, our hearts and minds are filled with ponderings pertaining to the worst of possibilities. What if things don’t work out? What if I fail miserably? What if everyone laughs at me? This line of thinking is only hurtful and does nothing to propel you forward into the realm of positive outcomes and possibilities. Wouldn’t it be more helpful to ask ourselves what amazingly powerful and helpful places this new situation can afford us. The wonder possibilities that this new opportunity could be affording you?

Anticipating outcomes in a constructive resourceful manner is much more helpful than operating from a space of worst-case scenarios. It is also more helpful than thinking in averages of what is “most likely to happen”. For if we think average, we get average and who wants that?

This week, I ask that you keep in mind as you go about your day this one singular truth: that the way we frame what is to come affects the energy with which we carry out the day’s task and in turn changes the very nature of our outcomes.

Every Time an unresourceful thought comes into your mind, make an attempt to shift the polarities of your thoughts from negative to positive. Pay particular attention to noticing when your thoughts are spiraling downwards. At moments like that  place the breaks on such path of thought.  Refocus and re-frame the negative thought and spiral your thoughts in the opposite direction: Byron Katie calls this action the turn around. BurnBright simply asks you to Spiral Up.Imagine how much powerful you can be if you learned just that one skill and incorporated it into your way of life? Good, now take this week to perfect it.

As you embark on your day, remember to ask yourself after every accomplishment or every hardship, continue to spiral up, asking yourself the million dollar question “Where to next?Where next that you could be going to that is even better than where you are today?”



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