Eleven ways to shine in 2011

January 11, 2011
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In honor of 1-11-11 Global Oneness Day! BurnBright presents 11 lovely thoughstarters to get you up and running in 2011.

1. Mend a broken rainbow. If there is a dream or goal you had long ago, It’s only just a decision away. It’s never too late to mend a broken rainbow.

2. Dust off the winter blues. All because it’s cold or not your favorite season doesn’t give you the right to opt out of making the most of the next couple of months. Don’t let winter get in the way of your perennial summer!

3. Create an inspiration life line. An important task in 2011 will be to seek out ample supply of inspiration. list your favorite venues, websites and music stations. Pandora’s great. Program your favorite tunes and keep the inspiration coming.

4. Create your cadre of personal affirmations. Affirmations are a dime a dozen, but creating a set that work for your goals and personal challenges are priceless. Take the time to affirm yourself. You’re worth it!

5. Take a wellness pilgrimage or silent retreat. Silence can help us locate and illuminate deeply hidden internal treasures. Its important to take time away from the hustle and bustle of daily life and just BE. peace village, the omega Institute and Kripalu are peaceful locations where you can do just that.

6. Spread light. If you want to shine, help others to do so. Spreading light can mean doing advocacy or Volunteer work. Karma yoga a practice that is quite healing for the soul works wonders as does soulful gatherings.

7. Release your inner creativity. It’s of the utmost importance that you find interesting ways to unleash and replenish your inner fire.The new photography apps should do the trick. Try Hipstamatic, Instagram. Make sure you share on Flickr.

8. Tackle the hard questions. Self-Inquiry is powerful. the process of posing a serious heartfelt question creates internal impact. taking the time to answer the hard questions for yourself will change your life.

9. Try on a new life for size. Have you ever walked a mile in someone roses shoes? How about a couple of moments? Trying on a new way of being can open you up to new forms of awareness as well as make you more in-tune many blessings.

10. Practice Self love, self care, self talk. your thoughts create your reality. Make sure to keep a positive harmonious diet of thought. In 2011, it will surely yield a positive return on your investment.

11. CREATE A MASTER PLAN. It’s not enough to leave your life up to chance. It not enough to leave the most valuable parts of you to happenstance. In order to get the most out of your day and life. It’s time to create a strategy…a Master plan. It’s time for BurnBright Lifeworks, Inc.

Learn how to get your 2011 Master Plan: Call one of our Flame Specialists @ 347-762-3639 or 347-BE-NEW



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