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June 27, 2013
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Every year, many countries around the world honor the ability to labor with labor holidays. On Saturday, August 24th, the weekend before Labor Day in America, individuals, businesses communities and organizations from all over the world will celebrate the ability to turn thoughts into action by honoring a simple truth: before one labors, one must dream.

DreamDay2013 is a day of activation and observance. Drawing together individuals, business and communities, it is an open invitation for the world to innovate.

Join individuals from all around the world who are taking time out of their busy schedules to commit to dreaming, then doing. Create a simple action plan that will not only transform the conditions of your life, business, or community, but also has the potential to positively impact the world.

Why should I care?

DreamDay is the first event in history where people carve out time to co-create future possibilities. While this event is dedicated to the dreamer in all of us, DreamDay takes it further. We will activate the transformative power of dreams, by empowering dreamers to DO. That Saturday, we will release inspirational FREE tools and resources to empower people to put their dreams into action and make a difference in their own lives AND the lives around them.

How will I benefit from being a part of the International Day for Dreamers?

  • Get FREE downloads and cutting edge inspirational/motivational content that will help you succeed.
  • Network with a community of Dream Activators who can help you live your dream!
  • Get quarterly check-in via email that ensure that you’re moving forward with your goals AFTER the big day!
  • Receive advance notifications and opportunities for special offers and discounts.

Register by clicking HERE:

About the Movement:

DreamDay2013  is a much-needed rallying cry for each of us to bring forth an individual and collective vision for the future and pay homage to whatever it is we secretly hold in our hearts, no matter how big or small.

Last year, the International Day for Dreamers was launched as the first ever global day of observance that honored the dreamer in all of us through live and virtual events. This year we honor the contribution dreams can make to world, by sparking the DreamRunner Movement.


Email to learn how you could make history by participating in DreamDay2013.



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