Happiness is a Human Right

March 20, 2013
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Both Merriam-Webster and Wikipedia define happiness as a mental or emotional state of well-being characterized by positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy. This definition implies that there are a multitude of ways that we can be happy. Yet, for many of us, happiness is a challenge because we hold within our minds what it should look like. I believe that therein lies our downfall. If you think of some of the happiest moments in your life, it wasn’t because you got exactly what you wanted. More than likely it was because you got something that you didn’t see coming, or better yet, something that exceeded your expectations in a way you could never have imagined. In that moment, you felt like everything was perfect and all was and would be well. Forever. You can recall this feeling, can’t you? I know I do!

Last year, the United Nations launched an effort to redefine happiness on a global scale, because it had become quite apparent that GDP as an indicator of well-being for a country just wasn’t cutting it. I believe, however that there were other motives that lay behind this effort. You see, year after year, numbers were showing that the countries that had the most, weren’t necessarily the happiest.Not that shocking as material possessions can only get us but so far.

This bit of information applies to people not just countries, because countries consist of the hearts, minds, of the people.  Now, if the world stage can have a major a-ha moment that can lead to a revisionist movement, SO CAN YOU! On this day set aside for happiness.

Your mission: Explore how you can redefine happy for yourself.

What is something you’ve been putting happy on hold for while you strive to attain it? Explore ways in which that desire can be refined or better yet, if you aren’t interested in refining this goal, then explore ways in which more happiness and inspiration can be injected into your pursuit of it, so that you can enjoy the journey more.

Make your exploration social: Invite your colleagues and friends into your Reinvent Happy experiment. Who knows, this could be the day you reinvent happy for your family or your company.

Remember: there’s nothing more fulfilling than a fun-filled journey that takes you from aspiration for achievement!

Here’s to your inner and outer EXCELLENCE. BurnBright!



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