BurnBright & UpStart Biz Journal: 3 Ideas on Implementing Ideas

December 8, 2012
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UpStart Business Journal recently asked me to share 3 tips on empowering entrepreneurs to reach their full potential when it comes to implementing ideas. To read the entire article go HERE:

Be proactive with your purpose

When you created your mission /vision statement, it wasn’t meant to be lifeless words sitting upon a page. Always seek ways to put your ideas to proactive use, actively solving problems and serving the needs of your customers.

Establish Energizing Alliances

There are relationships that nurture the development and proliferation of ideas and their are relationships that hinder the flow of progress. As a business owner, it’s your job to protect your ideas by knowing the difference between the two. Create a strategy that empowers you to approach partnerships and strategic alliances with a bias towards those that will positively energize your brand and overall business model.

Be generous with your journey

The days of black box brand building and siloed idea generation are on their way out. Invite customers in to participate in the evolution of your brand. Once you begin to see them as comrades on a journey, you will see just how quickly your brand idea increases in relevance and becomes endowed with excellence.




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