Special Holiday Sessions with Ozioma!

December 26, 2013
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Treat Yourself to Something Special

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During the holiday season, we can sometimes get so caught up in giving to others that we completely forget that we also have to give to ourselves. This holiday season, I have crafted a SPECIAL BurnBright MasterPlan package that will truly be a gift that keeps on giving. I know you are up to some really BIG things in 2014, so I have pulled from over a decade of my best life and business strategies to create a unique transformation package that will provide you with the ultimate structure to support your success.

Your special package will include:

  • A Comprehensive Glow Assessment: This is an in-depth exploration of your life, and or business to identify what is really working and what can be further enhanced so that you and/or your business can shine FULLY in 2014.

  • A Transformational Strategy: Knowledge is only valuable if it can be acted upon. After your assessment, we will then identify your inspired action steps and an overall theme that will leave you empowered, motivated and excited to achieve your desired results.

  • YOUR Special Bonus:  I want to make this package REALLY special for you, so I am including The Excellence Architecture, my unique framework for helping you maintain positive momentum even when you feel the most challenged. The Excellence Architecture is a tool that I developed based on my background in strategic planning, design thinking, and helping hundreds of clients develop the confidence and personal power to OWN and ENJOY their journey towards excellent outcomes.

Are you ready to feel special? Don’t miss your opportunity to experience The BurnBright Method of transformation. It will truly shift your trajectory for 2014 and beyond!

***BOOK TODAY! Select from 3 flexible session options: in person (NY only), skype, or over the phone. This holiday session with Ozioma is valid for 6 months after purchase***











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