Sparks Vol I: Jan 15-21

January 21, 2012
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BurnBright! There is beauty in letting go. Know that which you seek is actively seeking you. Set your intentions on welcoming your bliss. #BurnBright!

BurnBright! Keep saying YES to life. You never know where willingness will lead you. 😉

BurnBright! This morning I am very aware of what a privilege it is to be alive! Today, honor all that you are, all that you can be and more. BurnBright!

BurnBright! Just completed a powerful interview with GlobalNLP Training on the Art of Burning Bright!

BurnBright! At times the world seems bleak…Please know that there is a still calm light that shines within you. Today, call forth your inner…

BurnBright! It only takes a small movement in any single direction to change course. Do something today to change the course of your tomorrow…

BurnBright!I have a dream that one day ALL men and women, ALL boys and girls will live their lives FULLY according to the inner brilliance that…

BurnBright! Good people, remember to “Spiral-up” even when energies all around seek to keep you down. ~Keep Shining.

BurnBright! One lesson in life is learning that you can’t have everything you want. The other is learning that life can be greater than u ever…

BurnBright!When people try to make life difficult for you, just keep focusing your energy and amassing your glow. Remember this is how you will…

BurnBright!Think of all the relationships you have. So many surround you. If you want to thrive on this life’s tour: Identify the relationships that…

BurnBright! The new spirituality is all about evolution ~Andrew Cohen



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