Social Media + Social Change

February 21, 2013
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Every year I participate in Social Media Week, whether it be to moderate a panel discussion or to socialize during one of their great after hours events. This year, I have decided to be a focused attendee. What that means is that I have been attendee events with one area of focus: how to make the world a better place. This focus has led me to some really power events such as the one hosted by the Center for Social Innovation as well as Social + Grass Roots = Change.

I am really excited about what I am hearing and the possibilities that lie ahead for changemakers seeking to make a greater impact in this world and help the world “BurnBright.”There are so many avenues to make a difference in your own life and in the lives of others. Collectively this groundswell of change WILL make a difference.

During one of the sessions, a young man raised the question of accountability to change. His question was “Are there any metrics in place that truly gauge whether or not these change efforts actually work?” I wanted to grab him and kiss him! I couldn’t agree more.  As we move forward with attempting to address the nature of transformation, we have to think long-term in regards to how do we sustain the effort.

If you are interested in what’s happening in the world of social innovation, join in on the conversation by following these hashtags: #changemakers #impinv #socent #spreadlight




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