Social Artistry: Awaken Flow Workshop

June 24, 2015
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Social Artistry™ is an emerging discipline in personal and community development. Based on the work of Jean Houston, co-founder of the Human Potential Movement, Social Artistry seeks to train people in the art of developing their capacities and skills to create new possibilities for themselves and others.

Participants will engage in developing the four spheres of human capacities — sensory and physical, psychological and relational, mythic and symbolic, spiritual and integral – then apply them to an area of their choosing.  The principles and processes you learn will expand you from the inside out. As a result, you will become more creative, more imaginative, and more finely equipped to deal with the many challenges and opportunities of life.

Social Artistry: Awaken Flow Workshop sits at the intersection of personal development and authentic creative expression. Participants will learn skills to: clarify and focus inner truths, gifts, skills, beliefs, and desires; awaken inner creative capacities and express their deepest truth; develop the four levels of active imagination for dynamic vision and action; develop natural capacities for fluid seself-leadership; and develop the ability to design a system to support your goals and dreams.


DATE:  Saturday, July 18

TIME: 1 – 4 pm, 

Fee: $45







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