SHINE Through Forgiveness

February 14, 2013
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Oftentimes, when we think about Valentine’s Day, what comes to mind is sweet candy, red roses and declarations of undying love. Rarely do we think about V-Day in the context of the larger opportunity that it holds for us to become better people, thrive in our careers, or help build a better world.

Even rarer do we think of Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to do something so rare but of the utmost importance like letting go of painful emotions that keep us from bringing more love into our lives. I’m writing this piece because I believe that there is a greater opportunity for us to take advantage of on this day than deciding which stuffed teddy bear to acquire.

What if today, you could decide let go of negative emotions that you’ve been harboring for longer than you can remember? What if today, you could choose to let go and forgive? Well, you can.

Letting go…

Forgiveness is a choice that opens us up to experience a richer experience of life. It allows us to move beyond our current field of reality and enter a new land of opportunity where we can start aspects of our lives anew.

As someone who has struggled with forgiveness myself and has also helped guide countless individuals on this path, I can truly say that forgiveness allows us to bring out the best that lies within us: LOVE.

When we forgive, we thrive. When we forgive, we activate. When we forgive, we fully come alive. The energy we spend on what has happened TO US can now be fully harnessed to connect with what can happen FOR US.

Many of us think that by preserving and maintaining old wounds that we are nourishing ourselves, but in fact we are poisoning ourselves. If left unchecked, these past pains turn into poison and some would say worst case scenario cancer.

When it comes to forgiveness, we have to be willing to give up the old story of our pain and suffering so that we can open our lives to a more magnificent one–one in which a beautiful tapestry of life experience can be realized from the inside out.

Forgiveness is a powerful tool to not only elevate, but simplify our lives. From this perspective, life becomes that much more enjoyable and infinitely less complex because we are no longer holding onto the weight of the past.

And once you forgive, a magical thing begins to happen. You truly begin to SHINE, because once you forgive, you are truly free to LIVE.

The Path forward..

As you set out on the forgiveness path, always remember that it is a continual fluid process of shedding and letting go and opening up to what beauty life has in store for you.

Many powerful people have had some major breakthrough catalyzed through forgiveness. Maya Angelou is one of them. You are another.

This Valentine’s day, I invite you to shine through forgiveness. This day, I invite you to forgive someone for your sake as well as theirs. This Valentine’s Day, I urge you to step into the light of the love that lives inside of you. FORGIVE.

Have you ever asked yourself what would begin to open up in your life if you let go? Let’s discuss it here.



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