Reflections on a Mac Email Meltdown

December 4, 2016
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A BIG goal of mine of late has been focusing on becoming more productive.

In order to enjoy life and move ourselves forward, there comes a time when we may have to refine our personal and professional schedule.

Today, my Mac email systems melted and I was forced to delete my email accounts from my Mail system.

At first, I was like OMG!
Then, as I was about to re-install them, a voice asked me WHY?
I realized that with no alerts I would be able to check my email at my appointed time as opposed to being overrun by notifications pushing me to check them.

Don’t you just love it when what we ask for comes in the most unexpected ways!

When you ask, an answer always comes.


Take Inspired Action:

How often do you check your email during the day?

Some of the most productive people say twice a day should be enough.

I am going to experiment with that and see how it works out.

Please join me!



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