Part One: Our Thoughts Create our Reality

November 1, 2010
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There is no way to get away from the fundamental truth that as we think, so shall we become. This simple truth is the premise of a great deal of life-change methods that are out there today. BUT, how in fact, do we successfully change the nature of our thoughts patterns, when so much of our lives have been lived a certain way?

To paraphrase one of the masterful change expert, Abraham Maslow, the only way to change a person is to change their awareness of themselves, perhaps it would be wise to start with an exercise to shift your awareness. Today begins YOUR grand experiment. Today take part in “Recasting the Narrative of your life”.

Your first task: This week from time to time, make note of the quality of the life  you are living. How do people respond to you? What actions are you engaging in as if you were on auto-pilot? Take notice of the ebbs and flows of your life and then document them. You may want to do so in whatever form works for you. It could be by recording an end of the day audio on your phone right before you go to bed, or morning pages right after you wake up for the day.

REMEMBER: This is an exercise in heightening awareness. This is a wonderful opportunity to explore what kind of light (as well as shadows) you cast upon the world. Should you be willing to allow yourself to carry out this task you will have completed  a necessary step on your journey towards Burning Bright.

Feel free to share what you have discovered with a close friend or create a collage of this one week process. In 7 days we will be building on this exercise.

Go Forth. Spread Light. BurnBright.



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