Ozioma joins Jean Houston @ 2016 Social Artistry Leadership Institute

July 7, 2016
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Be Part of History! Attend The Last Ever…
Social Artistry Leadership Institute
With Exciting, New “GAME CHANGER” Focus…

We are in the midst of the greatest change in human history. It is the changing the Game at every level: climate, immigration, governance, ecology, food, education, finance, industry, media, IT technology, relationship between cultures, rise of women, patterns of inequality. All previous agreed upon rules, challenges, interactivity are up for grabs and few have been trained to deal with so total a game change on every level. We’re in the midst of the biggest game of all, having to do with world shift.

Thus, our opportunity is huge. Surely, you have felt it. You may have even felt yourself yearning to see and be seen as a player in this new game, both changing the old game and being part of the emergence of the new one. Your contribution, great or small, can make the difference as to whether we evolve or perish.

What You Can EXPECT Is…

At the end of the eight days, if you take this work seriously, you will have discovered capacities for leadership that give you your rightful place and power in the turning of the times. You will be a vital part of a dynamic, ongoing community. You, too, will be a Social Artist with skills to meet the challenges of society in transition. You, too, will be a Game Changer!

This is deep, soul-level recognition work. You will have been well-met, deeply recognized and evoked to who and what you really are and what you have to offer in this time of much challenge, heartbreak, and alluring possibility.
This Last Ever Institute Is Tough and Tender, Heroic and Hilarious, Mythic and Mysterious. Come Play the Game with Us!

You’ll Discover Cutting-Edge Power & Principles of EMERGENCE

You Will Discover the Nature of Game Changers and Social Artistry as a Game Changing Leadership Model for Today’s World!

On this incredible Journey of Becoming a Social Artist, you will receive inspiration from the Surpreme Artist, Leonardo da Vinci, as well as timely instruction in “game changer” skill-building like…

Opening Session – How to Enhance Capacities that Mostly Were Not Needed Before Today: Practical Skills, Exercises for Mind and Body, Presentation Skills, Openness to Surprises and More!

Day 1 – Latent & Explicit Skills, Charting Your Own Capacities, Energy Medicine, Leonardo da Vince’s Curiosita, Destiny, Cause and Calling

Day 2 – The Living Universe, Leonardo da Vince’s Sfumato (engaging the shadow), Game Changer Improvisation Skills

Day 3 – Leonardo da Vince’s Amore, Leonardo da Vince’s Dimostrazione, Trim Tabs, Reversing Wrongs and Creating Rights, Learn about Game Changing By Watching “The Wiz” at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival

Day 4 – Leonardo da Vince’s Corporality, Whole Systems Transition, Jump Time Affect on Game Changing Ideas and Projects, Dance and Movement

Day 5 – Leonardo da Vince’s Arte and Scienza, Art & Science of Sustainability: From Passion to Action Plans

Day 6 – Moving from Pathologizing to Mythologizing Patterns of Creation as Models for Game Changing and Designing a New World, Power and Principles of Emergence, Mythic and Symbolic Realms as a Powerful Game Changing Tool, Exploring Archetypes

Day 7 – Artful Relationships and Partnerships, Interpersonal and Group Process Skills from Inside Out That Can Be Applied to Organizations and Communities, Powers of Intention in Self and Society

Final Session – How to Enter the Great Game As Players – Psychology and Spirit in Union to Achieve Societal Goals, Keeping One’s Innocence and Open-Mindedness Intact While Working in Local and Global Institutions, Developing Partnerships and Collaborative Teams, Global and Cross-Cultural Fluency

Note: The schedule above is a work-in-progress and is subject to change.





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