Embracing Your Ultimate

January 8, 2016
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I don’t know if you can feel it, but there seems to be something really special about this year. Perhaps it is due to the current state of our world and the sensing that if things really are going to change, it will REALLY have to be each of us making that change, starting from the inside out.

What if the journey of change were about the quest towards embracing what i like to call “The Ultimate.” The ultimate is the greatest expression of who and what we really, as well as what we are completely capable of., the height, the point at which no further progress can be

The ultimate is the height of human expression, the point at which no further progress can be made, because it is the IT we have all been searching for. Once we arrive there, there is nothing more.

The vast majority of us cannot even fathom what that place feels like, much less what it could look like. But what if we could?

What if we could bring our minds to tentatively explore the ultimate reality of our own growth and limitless potential? What would that look like?

I believe that in order to do so, we would need to go back to the beginning of our journey and then trace the trajectory of our lives to the current moment we find ourselves in. From there, we could advance key moment by key moment, charting a new trajectory towards a path of heightened possibilities. WOW!

So take one area in your life, be it love, finances, creativity, career, etc. and listen to the inspiration I have prepared for you this week.

Listen to our Audio Inspiration

When explorers go out on an expedition, they utilize what they know about a particular terrain, as well as what they envision could arise there- they also leave room to wander off.

I am inviting you to wander off the beaten path of your life and claim new territory.

IMAGINE: What types of people would you experience on this new path that you are embarking on? Who are these new characters through the lens of “ultimate”? What are the ultimate foods you desire to have nurture you.

Area, by area, you can just like a designer construct an ultimate reality piece by piece.

Be bold, be willing to take new actions and by doing so, create a new style, a new landscape, a new realm, a new reality. Remember to accept the personal ultimate-um you will give yourself to embrace this new reality.

If you embrace change in just one area of your life, you could just radically transform your life.

Here’s to embracing our ultimate today, and shining each and every day.




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