[BB BLOG] Why it STILL pays to be honest – 3 unexpected results you get from voicing your truth.

February 16, 2014
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These past couple of weeks have been quite intense for me: an eighteen-day tour through Georgia with multiple press experiences, and a slew of trainings and workshops, keynotes and live webinars. I even launched a new product and created my first Membership Program.

Through it all, I realized that I had many different options regarding how approached each activity from moment to moment, and day to day. I realized that I could either operate from the mindset of it all being too much for me, or I could step into my truth and navigate the new opportunities and influences from the light that lives inside of me. I am so happy I chose the latter.

I had some MAJOR spark moments over the course of the trip through Southwest Georgia and my online Self-Care and Self-Love seminars! Here are three profound insights from what I learned:

Benefit One: Standing in your truth refreshes everyone who gets to experience it- including yourself.

I am so gratified by the many times I met people while I was on the road, or who sent emails afterward the many venues ,expressing how refreshing it was to hear someone speaking the truth about the issue at hand.

It was particularly moving for me during the Carenovate summit when I shared with the participants  my journey with my mother during her final battle with stage 4 colon cancer. I spoke honestly about guilt, and about the strategies and techniques I had to employ to keep my dream alive while supporting the life of my mother. What I learned through voicing my truth so openly is that people WANT you to speak the truth of your life experience so that they can relate with you their own life experiences. Speak from what you know and it will connect deeply to the truth in side of  each and every one of them.

Benefit Two: By standing in your truth, you get to grow in the moment.

Some people say we are either moving closer to love or closer to fear.  There were many times on the road when I was confronted with a new audience for whom  I had never spoken in front  of. The second week of my tour in Georgia, I was invited to moderate a Racial Healing Conversation in the deep south. It was probably one of the most challenging sessions of my life.  I had to find the love for both sides and invite them to explore a new reality that existed outside of a painful past, and a racial legacy that still continues. By expressing my insight during that talk, and holding a space for others to do the same, I learned on a deeper level what it takes for people to heal collectively. Each time we stand in our truth and hold a space open  for others to do the same, we grow just a little bit more – it happens the moment we choose love over fear. 

Benefit Three: When you standing in your truth,   it creates more room.

When we open ourselves  and express something truthfully, something magical gets released into the world – more possibilities! We express something that has never been expressed before, because there has never been another person like us in that moment to express it.  I shared openly about the vulnerability it took to launch the International Day for Dreamers, and the emotional turmoil it launched me into as some people questioned my motives or the value of even creating such a day.

When I shared this truth on stage during my Keynote at the Building Creative Communities Conference, I was taken back to the harsh emotional terrain of that experience, but an interesting opportunity also presented itself;  the truth I shared opened up a space for others to explore the question of something in their own lives about which they were willing to be questioned or even taken to task. By sharing my truth, I created room for people to explore the motivations for their own actions. Including: why they do or do not choose to pursue their dreams, and which dreams they consider to be worthy of their efforts. By standing in the truth of our own journey, we create more room, and a safe space for others.



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