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HV Dream Intensive

The Dream Intensive:

A Crash Course in Moving from Dreams to Action

The Dream Intensive training led by internationally acclaimed speaker and life+business coach Ozioma of BurnBright is a dynamic dream accelerator that will support you in radically taking BOLD steps in having, being, and doing all that you desire. Claim your seat NOW. ONLY 12 SEATS AVAILABLE IN THIS TRAINING!

Learn for simple steps to move from ideas and dreams to goals and action! Learn how to refine your ideas and share them in a way that helps you gain the clarity and support you need to move your dreams forward. For those interested Individuals and/or businesses ready to set their dreams in motion! If you are ready to stop talking and start taking powerful action to move your  business forwards, this training is for you!

This intimate training will radically transform your life, and the way you approach your dreams, goals and aspirations.



By attending this workshop you will:

1. Learn 3 effective approaches to making your dream happen

2. Get clarity around what is really needed to take your ideas to the next level.

3. Walk away with a game plan that you can use to maximize and chart your success

By the end of this workshop you will become more confident in yourself and the contribution your dreams can make to shift the course of your life and the world.


SUNDAY June 8th 10-4 pm

10-11:30 am: An indepth exploration of your dreams, goals and ideas. Discover and really connect to your WHY?

11:30-12:30: Enrollment training: Receive valuable training on how to share your dream in a way that inspires and activate supporters, collaborators and funders to help you make your dreams come true.

12:30-2:00 Networking Lunch: Meet and connect with other people who are ready to make dreams happen or go on a fun Dream Mission while out to lunch in Newburgh!

 2-4 pm Dream Design: Create a powerful strategy to move your ideas forward.



LOCATION: 94 Broadway Newburgh, New York 12550

TIMES: Dream Intensive 10-4 pm

QUESTIONS? CALL 347-762-3639 or email [email protected]

BurnBright Training

About Ozioma of BurnBright: 


Ozioma (Nigerian Igbo for G-d’s good news!) is an internationally acclaimed speaker, strategist and life + business coach. She has traveled across America empowering Dreamers to DO, and is a welcome asset in Newburgh, as she returns to where she spent her adolescence. Since returning to the region, she has been actively engaged in the transformation of peoples lives, businesses and communities. Ozioma has launched a series of transformational experiences in Newburgh coaches and supported local business owners, youth and many others. In addition to run her won global consultancy, Ozioma teaches Developing and Implementing Ideas at Columbia University.

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