Are You An Entrepreneur, Speaker, Expert, Coach, or Consultant seeking to become a Leading Luminary in your area of expertise?

Here’s What’s Included in the 3-Month Accelerator Program

  • Direct access to me personally – no other coaches, no associates, you get ME! – for 3 months. This mentorship and mastermind program will give you direct access to me and a small group of business owners, speakers, authors, coaches, consultants committed to helping you turn your vision, passion and genius into even greater business success.
  • Monthly training call, where we’ll cover a aspect of business development, leadership, strategy. We’ll focus on implementing a specific marketing strategy that will help you gain a new marketing skill AND build a simple, but effective marketing funnel. Each month we’ll cover a different topic, so that by the end of 6 months you’ll start to think and communicate like a marketer and get better results from everything you do to grow your business. It won’t take 6 months to start seeing results from your marketing – in fact, every new strategy/skill you put into place should start immediately resulting in better response from your potential clients!
  • Monthly accelerators calls, where we’ll tackle your challenges and mastermind! Each mastermind meeting will be held on Zoom, which is a video platform, where we can all connect and see each other. I’ll be on every call to mentor you and to give you my personal input and insights for your business, so it’s a great opportunity to get your questions answered and get my feedback on your specific ideas.
  • Each call is an opportunity to deep dive into your business, get unstuck, generate fresh ideas, get feedback on what you’re working on, and experience a breakthrough in your business AND to advance your skills and mindset as a marketer!
  • Create simple but effective marketing funnel step by step, from “awareness” to “sale”. We’ll focus on the simplest way to create your marketing funnel and monetize your expertise. Most trainings that teach marketing funnels are too technical and overwhelming. The program is designed for coaches, authors, and experts who have been looking for a gentler approach to marketing funnels, that focus more on reaching and nurturing the ideal client.
  • Develop your own strategic evolution plan from my five figure blue print model!
  • Develop a visionary mindset. When marketing feels like putting pressure on people to buy, when it feels too salesy or “dirty”, or when you feel like you are “chasing after clients”, this can create a lot of fears and gets in the way of growing a profitable business. In this 3-month program you’ll get to develop a powerful marketing mindset so you can feel good about marketing and know that you’re creating a lot of value by simply marketing yourself!


The Brighter Business Retreat is our signature 2018 event where you will get to roll up your sleeves and really strategically evolve your business. This is where you learn more modern techiques for building a visionary based business that gets results. Take the time to focus on the areas that you want to advance and then mastermind with others.


*Flight + accommodation not included*

Join me for this amazing opportunity!

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