With the right level of support, so much more is possible!

BurnBright International specializes in transformational strategy and coaching. What makes the BurnBright method unique is that it provides clients with a specific method of change that is tailored for them ALONE. The secret lies in the combination of techniques that we bring to bear on each unique client challenge.

We help individuals, businesses and communities reach their goals by envisioning, conceiving, and co-creating transformational strategies that are unique as they are. Our tailored methods prepare clients to engage and address opportunities and risks emerging brighter than ever before.





BurnBright Private Client Coaching

When you choose to move forward with a BurnBright 1-on-1 Mentoring program, you are working with the best of the best.

Your accelerated, full spectrum progress becomes my number one priority and together we are able to clearly identify you most desired, ideas, goals and dreams. We select the approach that will get you there while we identify your underlying commitments and limiting beliefs that may have gotten you stuck in the past, or are keeping you stuck in the present.

Each coaching starts off with a powerful assessment that supports you in gaining clarity on your personal transformation agenda.

Through a weekly strategy session, you will benefit from a deep level alignment with your desired aims that enable you to approach them in ways you never thought imaginable. Imagine having your own genie in a bottle or secret weapon. That’s what this is.

During the week you are able to in your personal portal to chart where you are and where you want to be and do it right from your phone.

Depending on what package you get you will be able to attend all of Ozioma’s events live and online for free as well as a weekend offsite in the gorgeous Hudson Valley with her and all of her personal coaching clients.

Ozioma specializes in bringing you the best of the best when it comes to experiences.

All calls are held virtually face to face over zoom or via dial in.

Ozioma will also work with you and your cohort each month to create your overall masterplan and then week after week, you will receive a quick strategy call to master your month and yourself through taking inspired action.

*Inquire for pricing details.*

BurnBright Diamond Level Coaching

There is nothing like BurnBright Diamond level coaching.

By the end of it you will be at the top of your desired game and feel like the master of your destiny.

You will also feel more connected and capable and attractive to others and find yourself more able to see what serves and what no longer serves you.

Based on over a decade of personal evolution as well as transformational techniques Ozioma’s has perfected in front of thousands of people live and online, Ozioma will select her best methods and from a tailored approach, apply them to your situation.

This is your future. You deserve the best.

BurnBright Diamond coach will give you the best and support you in transforming into the best and brightest version of yourself.

Give yourself permission to enjoy and master your desired reality

Payment plans are available.

50% refund after MasterPlan and coaching session.

If you are not satisfied, you still will benefit from the process and gain clarity.

When you experience the power of BurnBright, life will never be the same again.

All levels are welcome. We are committed to meeting you where you are.

INVESTMENT $15,000  for 100 days of partnering to chart the path towards a brilliant future!

*Payment Plans Available.*

Inquire to learn more about our other options!


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