Virtual Event Dedicated to Wellness and Women’s Leadership

August 16, 2020
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I was recently invited to participate in an amazing new series of conversations dedicated to wellness and women’s leadership.

Hosted by Whitney Ortiz, the Whole Health Series convenes 14 women leaders from around the world who share their wisdom on topics that enhance women’s capacity to rise and contribute collaboratively to the formation of a more equitable and just global paradigm.

Here’s a “Sneak Peak” to my session:



The Whole Health Series features more than a dozen women leaders from around the world who share their tips, tools, and strategies for how you can experience greater fulfillment, peace, and wellness while you create the systems and structures that move humanity forward during this tremendous time in existence. 
Whitney Ortiz, with Whole Health Self-Care, the series’ host, will release to you by email, three 20-minute long recorded mentorship sessions each day. You can watch them at your convenience from the moment they’re released through the conclusion of the series on August 23rd.
In my session, I highlight how women are being called to step forward visibly and courageously to create the new paradigm.
Other speakers include
  • Denise Abulafia, PhD (Argentina): Innovative learning specialist; entrepreneur; TEDx speaker; professor
  • Farah Aljundi (Palestine/Jordan): Entrepreneur; mindfulness, yoga, and meditation instructor; writer; fashion designer
  • Elva Anderson, Ph.D. (U.S.): Art therapist; health educator and workshop facilitator; researcher; reflexologist; laughter yoga, mindfulness, and meditation practitioner
  • Lara Ayoub (Jordan): Co-Founder, SADAQA; digital strategist; communications specialist
  • Michelle Bailey, MD (U.S.): Adjunct faculty physician at Duke University; retired pediatrician; senior medical director for a top tier global CRO; physician entrepreneur and coach
  • Elizabeth Boham, MD, MS, RD (U.S.): Physician and medical director at The UltraWellness Center; nutritionist; author; speaker
  • Alice Finn (U.S.): Founder of PowerHouse Assets; recognized as “The Giant” by Barron’s in their inaugural list of the Top 100 Independent Financial Advisers; author; financial adviser on CNBC
  • Karen Jooste (South Africa/U.S.): Palliative care physician; educator; writer; coach; workshop facilitator; founder of Storia, PLLC
  • Kristen Lee, Ed.D., LICSW (U.S.):  Behavioral science expert; recovering perfectionist; award-winning author; TedX and international speaker 
  • Robin Joy Meyers (U.S.): Molecular geneticist turned fear strategist; TEDx and international speaker; author; executive leadership coach; founder of “The FEAR Method”
  • Maryam Ovissi (U.S.): Certified trauma-informed yoga therapist; author; caregiver of Beloved Yoga
  • Sharon Shelton (U.S.): Social entrepreneur; mindfulness and meditation facilitator; coach for women in mid-life transitions
  • Elizabeth Vazquez (U.S.): CEO and co-founder, WEConnect International; international speaker; entrepreneur
I also invite you to engage in the private Facebook Group that Whole Health Self-Care created called the “Wellbeing Nook for Women Professionals” where registrants will exchange additional tools, takeaways, and free gifts. 
Please enjoy my contribution and the contribution of the many other women who are a part of this amazing initiative.
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