BurnBright Session

Whether you are on the brink of a career change, struggling with unlocking your creative potential or seeking guidance in certain aspects of your daily life, BurnBright Lifeworks, Inc. can help you reach your goals. We offer clients the option of selecting which of our methods suit them best.

Our Services Include:

 -Life Coaching
-Personal Branding
-Motivational Strategies
-Creative Development
-Career Counseling
-One-on-One Coaching
-Group Seminars/Workshops
-Consultation Sessions

Our success lies in the combination of techniques that we bring to bear on each unique personal challenge. All of our advanced change modalities release internal blockages and allow you to experience the world from the vantage point of opportunity. 

Our Coaches are called Flame Specialists for a reason:

  1. They are trained to harness and unleash the power of YOUR potential.

  2. They are skilled in, helping you focus and zero in on what your true aims are.

  3. They apply deep listening techniques to hear and interpret desires you may not even known you have.

Do you have a creative or business project that you are trying to get underway?  With over 10 years of experience in the art and commerce of business and creativity, our unique method of consultation can help you transform your goals into reality.


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