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Every year, people just like you invest time and money in programs that fail to provide you with the process, systems, and support required to help you become who you truly desire to become, and reach your desired goals, and dreams.
In a world with so many challenges, what is need now more than ever is a deeper, more customized and comprehensive approach to personal, business and overall human development.
You deserve more than the “cookie-cutter” programs you see so often flooding your email or flashing in front of you on fb, instagram, and linkedin.
It is from this deep desire to support the next wave of personal and business development in a NEW & IMPROVED way that I created The Masterplan 100-Day Transformation Program. I truly believe that this Coaching + Mentoring + Mastermind is a next-level program for a new era in transformative growth.
It’s time to receive the RESULTS you desire and deserve! The MasterPlan 100-Day Transformation program is designed to do just that.
With each new year, you have the opportunity to create an extraordinary life filled with a higher level of fulfillment, and a deeper level of meaning.
This innovative coaching + mentoring + mastermind program will radically transform your personal + professional life because it is based on supporting you in the process of BECOMING.
If you desire to make 2019, your most extraordinary year yet, then this unique program is what you’ve been waiting for!
I invite you to join us for the most extraordinary experience.


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What to expect over our 100-Day Transformation Journey:

  • A MasterPlan Transformational Strategy Session where you create a personalized plan for your life and/or business
  • Monthly MasterPlan Coaching Calls
  • Bi-Weekly Co-Working Sessions
  • 100 Days of Access to Evolve: Proprietary Action + Accountability platform + Unlimited Coaching
  • Private Membership Site + Online Community
  • A MasterPlan Accountability Partner


The MasterPlan 100-Day Transformation Program is right for you IF:
  • You are tired of programs that fail to deliver the results you truly need to move your life and your work in the world forward
  • You are excited to create a MASTERPLAN for your life and/or business
  • You have an idea, goal, or dream of the life you want to live, and/or business or project you want to create, and are seeking a more powerful way of moving it forward and living into that reality
  • You want to receive Mastery Coaching + Mentoring, as well as tools, advice, and strategies while also entering into a dynamic transformative mastermind with women (and possibly men) from all around the world
  • You are willing to held accountable for your success and guided towards accessing and activating higher states of potential
  • You are willing to unfold and enter into the process of BECOMING who you are truly meant to be
  • You are willing to give support and feedback and also receive it
  • You are ready to experience an innovative approach to transformation


By now, I am sure you are starting to see that this is NOT just another “coaching” program.
This is more than likely the transformative experience, you’ve been waiting.
If you are ready to be inspired and ignited on a path towards a deeper, and richer sense of fulfillment, while achieving more of the results you desire while embarking upon a new adventure… I INVITE YOU TO APPLY!


APPLICATION DEADLINE: January 30th, 2019
START DATE: February 1st, 2019
FIRST: Complete the MasterPlan 100-Day Transformation Application [APPLY HERE OR BELOW] SECOND: IF you know you would like to be part of the next 100-day cycle, schedule an exploratory session with me.
*In order to ensure that every participant gets the most benefit from each cycle, I will personally select each participant for each cycle. Submitting this application does not secure your spot automatically.
I’m excited to hear from you…and can’t wait to receive your application.
If you have any questions, feel free to DM me on Facebook: burnbrightozioma or Instagram @ozioma
Let’s Shine together in 2019!


Ozioma Egwuonwu is an internationally acclaimed speaker, transformational strategist, and best-selling author. She is the founder of BurnBright International, a transformational consulting firm that specializes in helping individuals, businesses, and organizations activate their full potential. http://www.burnbright-lifeworks.com
Ozioma is a Certified Coach and Change Management specialist and has helped solve complex personal and strategic problems for a diverse array of clients across a number of product and service categories including Fortune 500 companies, non-profit organizations, small business owners, and a variety of personal development clients seeking to tap into a higher order of excellence and deliver dynamic breakthrough results.
She has shared her wisdom on a variety of global platforms including the United Nations, SXSW Interactive and TEDx, and Oxford University and Columbia University. She has also been honored as an innovator on NBC, and made guest appearances on CBS, ABC, FOX, MSNBC, Time Warner Cable and the Houses of Parliament and written for numerous publications, including Huffington Post and other media platforms. https://www.linkedin.com/in/ozioma
In 2012, Ozioma created World Dream Day, a global vehicle for empowering ideas, goals, and dreams around the globe. Held on September 25th, World Dream Day has been celebrated in 90+ locations around the world.  https://www.worlddreamday.org
Her personal and professional mission is to support individual and collective transformation through awakening and activating the higher dreams of humanity.


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