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We have worked with hundreds of people and businesses around the world. Here is what some of them have the say:

Life OW

BurnBright saved my life. And I’m not just trying to be dramatic. Before I began working with Ozioma I was at a point in my life where I had stopped believing that anything was possible for me. The fearless person that I knew myself to be from years prior seemed like a distant memory and there was nothing inspiring me to look ahead. I wasn’t sure if BurnBright was going to be the answer, but I figured it was worth a try. It didn’t take long for me to go from someone who was fading fast to a person who knew what she wanted with a renewed sense of how to get there. Ozioma was so in tune with what I needed every step of the way. She gave me my self back and I am forever grateful. I would recommend BurnBright to anyone who for whatever reason needs some guidance, inspiration or simply a helping hand through a rough patch. ~Erickka Sy Savané, Writer, Creator of Bitches Brew and former MTV Europe VJ

I’m overflowing with gratitude and I owe so much of it to Ozioma and BurnBright. I can’t begin to count the number of times I wanted to quit. Thank you for teaching me how to articulate my dreams so that I could recognize them when they were beginning to grow into reality and not sabotage myself. It turns out showing up is more than half the battle. So simple and yet was terrifyingly difficult to do.  ~Laura Albers, Senior Strategic Planner

BurnBright Lifeworks teaches you to open up your mind and life to amazing opportunites. A lot of times we stunt ourselves from going after what we deeply desire and achieving greatness, however BurnBright reminds us that we deserve that greatness. The coaching session takes you out of your comfort zone and expands your practical and creative thinking, enabling you to create a path of a greater life than we could ever imagine. ~T.B., Freelance Writer

The BurnBright Retreat was one of the best decisions I made for myself this year. As I ushered in a new season, I was grateful to have signed up for BurnBright so I could renew myself and reflect on how I could be a more powerful me; spring cleaning for the heart and soul! I went to a couple of retreats this year and what made the difference for me is that the Staff at BurnBright are so professional yet compassionate, caring and also proficient. Our facilitator was fully present and challenged us to exit our comfort zones with respect and compassion, not to mention extremely good at extending hospitality at Big Mikell’s House Bed and Breakfast. I could tell that she cares for the growth of each participant. ~Nicole Brown, Community Specialist

“After consulting with BurnBright my eyes were opened to a truth so simple I couldn’t believe I hadn’t realized it sooner. In that one consultation I learned that my reality is completely controlled by me with every thought I choose.  This revealed that the unhappiness I was experiencing was my own doing.  That consultation changed my life completely. I now choose my thoughts carefully with my desired success in mind.  As a result, my actions now have led me closer to the achievement of personal goals than I have ever been.  The world is a lot more open than it used to be and I am seizing opportunities that I would have been blind to before.  Now I am paving a path that leads to the attainment of my happiness.  I learned so much in one consultation and am eternally grateful.  I look forward to continuing to learn from BurnBright as I continue to shine my own light and enjoy the journey to success.” ~Netousha, Artist

“The BurnBright Session allowed me to begin to speak honestly and observe my life situation. My homework has challenged me to take directions toward growth that diverge from what I would  have prescribed for myself. I realized also it is important to know the different functions of a therapist versus a life coach. For me I found a life coach will have you involved in activities to actively engage in healing and progress whereas a therapist relationship may be inclined toward over-reflection and sometimes, stagnation.” ~Didi, Writer & Cultural Expert

business OW

After embracing BurnBright methods, not only am I excelling at my job, but I’m being recognized for my work at various levels of my organization. I see it with my own eyes. I am now fully conscious of the principles that are driving my work. Yes, it’s great that the accolades are public like the recent award I received, but for me the triumphs are daily. It’s when the head of the department says “you’re a rising star and you have a bright future a head of you.” That’s the prize. Hearing words like that. With your methods I have been able to cross the line and I’m not going to turn back… just move forward with everything that I’ve learned. My eyes are turned forward and my life is moving forward.  I’ve crossed the line and I’m not going back. ~K.F, Male 31, Medical Specialist, New York Presbyterian Hospital

I found the session to be very informative. The biggest takeaway for me was the idea of having a more focused approach to the presentation of my project. When working in isolation to bring an idea to a presentable stage it can become easy to get ahead of yourself. I think the session helped me to realize that the best place to begin is at the simplest point and allow your audience and the idea to grow together. ~M.S, Entrepreneur Designer

What and amazing experience I had  during my BurnBright Session. She stated we would need 1 & 1/2 hours to fully go through the tools I will need to understand to make my dreams come true.  We spoke about my barriers, and how to overcome them, by using specific techniques that are easy and manageable.  I am extremely pleased to be a part of this journey, especially when dealing with the ups and downs of my industry.  This plan has allowed me to finally focus on the “true” objectives that I need to take in order to accomplish my goals. ~Sekou Carradine, Actor Entrepreneur

BurnBright Lifeworks, Inc. was able to provide insightful advice that encouraged me to open up and tackle problems from a different perspective. By being open to this new approach it helped me reach my goals and experience positive outcomes beyond my expectations. ~Agata, Strategist

“I had a number of questions about services to seek and places to go to take time away and begin to address nagging questions in my heart and mind. My first consultation with BurnBright lasted two meaningful hours and their recommendations served as additional inspiration and helped me continue to move in a direction to change my life, heal, and make the most of my passion to help others.” ~D.G, Attorney, Fortune 100 company

“BurnBright’s ability to connect to the core of who you are on first meeting is uncanny. Every encounter with them leaves me wanting to learn more about my higher consciousness and realize my power as a light to the world. The BurnBright Method has helped me consistently remain on my path to true awakening of every faculty of my being. I can not wait to learn more.” ~ Yetunde, International Publicist

“BurnBright Lifeworks, Inc. remains one of the sharpest, earnest and most passionate Coaching Enterprises that  I’ve come across and they’ve done their part in transferring some of that to me for which I am all the better. I am grateful for the needed insight which they provided when I needed it most.” ~F.D, Digital Innovation Consultant, Educator & Business Owner

BurnBright  a Truly, Insightful, Creative , Supportive Force. BurnBright Lifeworks guides you to recognize and excel in your personal and professional life with a fulfilling brilliance. ~Roderick D. Giles, CEO, Clarendon Entertainment

“We all want career success now!! We want to be wildly capable and acclaimed experts at what we love to do. But what happens when what you love to do changes or the way you define success shifts drastically? In order to navigate this portion on the road of the journey called  my career I called on the services of BurnBright Lifeworks. I found that as long as you are willing to do the work, BurnBright can get you unstuck and on your way. I also found that even highly motivated overachievers, like me, can get stalled at times and need help jump-starting their forward progress.”~ Carla Brown, Designer

community OW

BurnBright facilitated a workshop, “Igniting the Luminary Within” for Step Up Women’s Network’s Young Luminaries program. By sparking the imagination of the women and teens present for the workshop, through body mapping, reflection, and intention setting work, the teens open up their aspirations for the future. Everyone was truly inspired by the day’s workshop, for it allowed people to engage on a more interpersonal, connected, and intimate level. While the focus is mainly college and job readiness, these essential life skills are just as important. Ozioma’s energy and grace set the tone for the workshop, and many people ended up opening up and sharing their personal experiences. Her commitment to building community, empowering women and girls, and igniting self-respect and care most certainly made a lasting impression on all of those in attendance. ~Step Up Women’s Network

BurnBright has worked with me to develop my non-profit in various capacities over the past 5 years.  It began with Ozioma speaking on a panel about College Readiness in 2007 followed by her co-designing a workshop with a high school student for her peers in the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn. Ever since then, a strong partnership between BurnBright and the Gye Nyame Empowerment Project emerged. BurnBright continued to support us in 2 additional and critical capacities:

1 .Providing workshops for high school girls and women at our Annual Sista-2-Sista Youth Summits 2. Consulting/coaching me on how to craft and deliver my staple workshop to high school girls

BurnBright Lifeworks, Inc.’s commitment to ensuring that people “BurnBright” is evident in its continuous willingness to support me anytime I called on them for support physically, emotionally or consulting wise. They have been extremely accessible and always available to support me with forwarding the conversation of transforming the way we currently live our lives. Ozioma’s keen insight into the way the mind works always elevated the ideas that I walked in with, and I never walked out without having enhanced my initial vision.

BurnBright has provided a level of professionalism and insight that is unparalleled. Through our conversations I have gained a significant amount of clarity on the direction I wanted my organization to move in. This would not have been possible if it weren’t for BurnBright. I am eternally grateful. ~Founder Akua, Sudowa

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