Mar 08
Jan 09

MasterPlan Masterclass Replay

By the second week of the year, most New Year's resolutions have already begun to drift away. It doesn't have to be that way! NOT FOR YOU! In honor of helping you bring more of your ideas, goals and dreams within reach, I am opening up access to my highly... read more →
Dec 21
Dec 04

Reflections on a Mac Email Meltdown

A BIG goal of mine of late has been focusing on becoming more productive. In order to enjoy life and move ourselves forward, there comes a time when we may have to refine our personal and professional schedule. Today, my Mac email systems melted and I was forced to delete... read more →
Oct 18
Jul 07
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Jan 15

Just come out and say it!

The other day I was sitting on a train in New York City when I happened to glance at the woman sitting across from me and notice that unbeknownst to her, her foot as it nervously bobbed back and forth was caressing a dirty waffle with a mouth-sized chunk eaten... read more →
Jan 08

Embracing Your Ultimate

I don’t know if you can feel it, but there seems to be something really special about this year. Perhaps it is due to the current state of our world and the sensing that if things really are going to change, it will REALLY have to be each of us... read more →
Jan 06

Join the BurnBright M.E.D challenge

ANNOUNCEMENT: I will be leading a FREE 90 day experience. If you desire to join me in the M.E.D Challenge, HERE'S YOUR CHANCE. Please click this link below to join our private facebook group. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1544907739162080/ Here is the Experience: *Starts January 7th! (Tomorrow) *A 90-day challenge of enhancing your approach... read more →